About Ocean 7 WXVO TV 7

Ocean 7 is a locally owned Ocean Springs based station dedicated to diverse free over the air entertainment. A combination of network and local pro- business programming. 

For our viewers a mix of programming for all: Antenna TV on 7.1 for the general baby boomer demo, Grit TV for the Alpha Male demo, Son Life 7.3 providing Christian centered content, Stadium TV 7.4 for the sporting enthusiast, the new Court TV on 7.5 for those inclined and 7.6 offers Escape TV for our women viewers.

For our advertisers we offer our unique Broadcast -Social Media-Mix. Here we offer a mix of guest show appearances, video excerpts from these showcases repurposed as daily on air tv spots. These clips are then licensed to the advertiser for their own social media applications. Ocean 7 also redistributes the clips across its Facebook and other social media platforms.