Broadcast Social Media Package

The Ocean 7 Television Social Broadcast Model: Broadcast TV, Video Clips and Social Media Video.


It's essential in this digital age for the TV broadcast model to evolve and fit well into the digital realm.

Broadcast is still the most pervasive electronic media today... but coupled with a social media play, television broadcasting becomes even more powerful. 


Locally produced business and entrepreneurial interview programs on Ocean 7 TV, like

Business Showcase and Entrepreneur Showcase bring together the power of broadcasting and the reach of Social Media.


The Ocean 7 Social-Broadcast Program:


1. Guest Shot on the Business Showcase and/or Entrepreneur Showcase


The subject is interviewed for one of the two business shows on Ocean 7. These interviews portray the guest as an expert in their field and serve to give the business leader an unfiltered pathway directly to the public via broadcast television. The show will air at alternating am and pm slots on Ocean 7 each day of the following week.


2. Clips for Broadcast TV


Four 30 or 60-second clips which best captures the business leader's message are extracted from the show. In many cases, Ocean 7 shoots new separate clips with the purpose of capturing the best sound bite. These 30 second video clips become television commercials for Ocean 7 TV which run daily.


 3. Clips for Social Media


These clips are also excellent content for various social media plays. These video clips are shot in HD on a professionally lighted green-wall virtual set. The guest/business leader is interviewed by Edward Saint Pe', a professional journalist who helps to capture the perfect unfiltered soundbites. The clips are then cross-pollinated to the Ocean 7 TV FaceBook page and licensed to the client for use on the client's website, FaceBook and other social media.


4. Recurring Guest Shots and new clip content monthly


Each month the client/business leader returns for a guest interview on one of the Ocean 7 Television shows. During this studio visit, new clips are shot for TV and social media.


5. Affordable


The Ocean 7 Social-Broadcast Model covers all bases in a professional manner and at an affordable price. Currently, these Social Broadcast packages are priced at $400 monthly.




Edward Saint-Pe'

GM, Ocean 7 TV

1016 Government St

Ocean Springs, MS, 39564